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What We Do

Time is the most valuable thing in life. We don’t waste ours, and we won’t waste yours.

Medicare, Affordable Care Act, Individual and Family, Group, Long-Term Care, Life Insurance, Final Expense, Annuities… Let’s face it, shopping for any of these things can be frustrating, confusing, and, unfortunately, in many cases, a colossal waste of time. And who has time to waste? To us, even a single moment is too much.

And it’s not just time that people lose; if you get your insurance wrong, you could lose your doctors, prescription drug coverage, dental/vision/hearing benefits, and in some worst-case scenarios, your coverage entirely, which can in some cases lead to:

  • Catastrophic financial losses. (And nowadays, it doesn’t take much for that to happen.)

  • Additional stress, anxiety, concern, and even depression. (And we all know how wonderful those things can do to our bodies.)

Life is too short not to have peace of mind. With that in mind, we created EMIEPOW Insurance to help people eliminate, once and for all, the merry-go-round shopping nightmare that shopping for insurance, health, or otherwise has become. You don’t have to figure this stuff out on your own anymore.

We do the shopping for you, helping you keep your coverage up to date with the maximum benefits available at the lowest possible cost/risk and money out of pocket. Call us when you have an issue, and WE will help you, not pawn you off to some call center customer service line.

We want to earn your business for life, and we KNOW that the only way that happens is when every moment with us is priceless. That and that alone, is our goal.

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Customer Reviews

He is a valuable asset to his company...

Suzanne H

I am quite honored to have met Robert Keough...

L. M Harris