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He is a valuable asset to his company...

It all started with a postcard inquiry about health insurance options and blossomed into a stress-free change in the coverage I had and a lifelong friendship with Robert Keough (aka Bobby) Initially I responded to his introduction as” just a spiel or even a scam” and was ready to hang up. I soon realized that he is so passionate and dedicated to his job that he was more concerned about truly helping me than” scoring” a new client. I never felt pressured to make a decision and appreciated his patience and clarity in explaining my options. His level of knowledge about different plans allowed me to choose what was best for me. I felt I had a friend guiding me though a confusing maze. (Insurance plans can be intimidating and confusing) Interacting with Bobby showed me that you never know how your life will be enriched and blessed by responding to a simple postcard. He is an outstanding example of how to do one’s job with professionalism, empathy, and a terrific sense of humor. He is timely and thoughtful with following up on questions/concerns I have regarding my new insurance policy and inquiring about how my life is going in general. He is a valuable asset to his company and deserves to be recognized, appreciated and thanked.
Suzanne H

I am quite honored to have met Robert Keough...

I was introduced to Robert Keough through a family member during this year’s Medicare open enroll period. Within the first minutes of conversation with Robert. I knew that he truly wanted the best possible course of action for me. Medicare insurance and all the benefit plans out there are unreal and overwhelming to a lay person. Robert’s amazing ability to multitask to cut thru all those rules and requirements while putting the contents in an understandable form was a God send. Even with the open enrollment deadline looming. Robert never ever showed any impatience or a negative attitude in answering my often-repeated questions. He clearly and empathetically offered suggestions that would be not only medically beneficial, but more importantly, financially prudent for this Senior Citizen. Coupled with his genuine caring nature, his upbeat nature, and the very unique ability with/when dealing with a diverse population. Robert is truly outstanding. We came to the conclusion that certain changes in my medical plan needed to take place. With his nonaggressive solid guidance. I was happy to change to a new provider. Robert is a true asset to the medical insurance arena. On a personal note. He sent a handwritten follow up note thanking me for becoming part of his insurance family. I am quite honored to have met Robert Keough and with heartfelt thanks. I welcome him in becoming a part of my family.
L. M Harris
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