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Not Just Another Job


The top ten things you need to know about EMIEPOW Insurance

  1. We want to be a part of something true.
  2. We KNOW we are meant to accomplish something incredible.
  3. We KNOW anything is possible.
  4. We have genuine compassion and passion for being of service to others.
  5. We embrace and strive to hold with excellence the highest standards, code of conduct, moral ethics, and values possible.
  6. We hold ourselves and our colleagues accountable for giving our best.
  7. We KNOW that actions speak louder than words.
  8. We KNOW priceless is the only choice between priceless and worthless.
  9. We want to make more money than we’ll ever need.
  10. We respect, honor, and appreciate the gift of an opportunity to have and be…all the above.

EMIEPOW Insurance:

That is who we are.

That is who we are looking for.

While we welcome more, we’ll accept nothing less.

We don’t work hard at EMIEPOW; instead, we learn hard. Then, the work is easy; when it’s easy, it’s fun; when it’s fun, you fall in love with what you’re doing; and when you fall in love, you want to spread as much of it as possible.

We know that when we help enough people get what they want and need, more than we’ll ever want or need will show up automatically.

And upward and onward


• Resume and cover letter with the answers to:

  1. What is your WHY?
  2. What are your expectations?
  3. What is the most recent personal or professional development book you are reading?

• Pass a federal background check.

• Accident/Health Insurance License. (FFM, Life, Annuities, LTC, are a plus)

• Licensed in Michigan (TX, FL, OH, and GA, are a plus.) regardless of Resident State.

• Windows 10+ PC. At least two monitors. 16GB + 250GB HD recommended.

• Wired Modem, ethernet cable to PC.

• Min upload: 10 Mbps, Min download: 50 Mbps. Higher speeds are a plus.

• USB wired quality headset.

• Working 1080p Webcam.

• Proficient in MS Office, Outlook, Teams, Gmail, Zoom, etc.

• Good working cell phone with ample memory.

(For those who qualify, equipment, except modem, ethernet cable, and Internet service, can be available. Terms and conditions apply.)

Should you meet the above requirements and find our compensation and terms agreeable, we will send you a questionnaire to fill out, and the following steps will be:

1 – A group Interview – via Zoom

2 – An individual interview – In person or via Zoom

3 – Orientation

The SKY is the limit.

To send us your resume, click the green button below.

To send us your resume, click the green button below.

Customer Reviews

He is a valuable asset to his company...

Suzanne H

I am quite honored to have met Robert Keough...

L. M Harris